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The way it works is very straightforward: You sign up with GrowthHero above to become an affiliate partner with our company. You are then given a unique affiliate link to use to promote our website however you see fit (whether on social media, via e-mail, in blog posts, etc.)

Any sales that are generated through that link that you share, you get a 20% cut! No sliding scales, no order minimums, just a flat, straightforward 20% commission for all sales you help generate.

So somebody buys $200 worth of canvas art through your link? You get $40. Just like that. Payouts are received via PayPal.

Within the GrowthHero dashboard, you can view analytics regarding number of clicks on your links, number of sales made, and amount of revenue generated.

Learn more at the above GrowthHero link and sign up to be an affiliate partner today!

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