Next-Level Artwork is not just a cute company name that we came up with; it's the standard that we set and that we are ruthless about living up to. Our goal is to have an artwork selection so good that people are practically falling out of their chair when they see it.

That's why we're careful about only adding the best of the best artwork to our collection. We don't believe in diluting the really good stuff among a sea of mediocre art. While yes, there's definitely a subjective component to taste in artwork, what we're going for on our website is bold, impactful artwork. We want the posters + canvas art that we sell to make people stop and say: "Wow. That's awesome."

Using that as our yardstick, much of the artwork sold on conventional artwork sites simply wouldn't make the cut into our collection. Think watercolor paintings of flowers in a vase, or tractors on a farm. There's nothing wrong with this type of artwork, it's just not very exciting to us. Our goal is to have the people who land on our site say: "This is something different."—hence the company name Next-Level Artwork.

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