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A well-chosen piece of artwork not only adds aesthetics and makes a home more attractive, but can also portray the personality of the homeowner. Artwork comes in diverse forms: It can be anything from a photograph, famous painting, sculpture, to a piece of abstract art.

Installing an art piece in your home has a huge impact on the room where it is installed. However, choosing an appropriate piece of artwork for a given environment can be a puzzling process unless you are conversant with art or décor. But it is a worthy endeavor for anyone looking to beautify their home.

What to Look Out for When Buying Artwork

Various factors influence the choice of artwork for your home, like wall size, color, theme, or floor plan. Also, the purpose of the room where the artwork is to be installed should help determine the choice of artwork.

Wall Size

This is an essential factor to keep in mind when choosing an art piece, especially wall art. Artwork can be beautiful yet badly affect the room’s balance. Choosing the right size for artwork must therefore be given some thought.

If you intend to have artwork of different sizes in your home, we recommend that you start with the large ones. A good starting point is to begin with the living room and ensure it has very attractive and befitting art as it is usually the first one that visitors will notice as they enter your house. Here are a few guidelines in choosing for size:

Oversized: this artwork is larger than 1 meter in length and are usually the centerpiece in a room. Oversized artwork is best suited above an equally large piece of furniture.

Large: these range between 80 and 100 centimeters in length and are suitable for large wall space.

Medium: this size of wall art can be used in a gallery arrangement with other pieces of wall art, or as a single piece by itself on the wall. This size ranges between 60 and 80 centimeters.

Small: small wall art is usually arranged together with other pieces as part of a gallery arrangement ranging from 45 to 60 centimeters.

Mini: with a range of sizes between 25 to 35 centimeters in length, mini-sized wall art is best arranged in gallery form.

Note that your wall art should be no longer than your sofa by two-thirds. Also, consider the room’s proportion and ceiling in installing the wall art. It should be placed at a minimum of 15 centimeters above the edge of the furniture.


The theme of a home plays a huge role in your choice of artwork to be used to decorate its rooms. For homes near the coast or a beach, artworks with light or neutral elements with cool colors like cream and beige would be suitable. Viewing artworks from the theme perspective would help you determine which pieces fit or not.


The color scheme of a home serves as a guide for your choice of artwork, to a large extent. The artwork should match with one or two colors in the room in color. There must not be a sharp difference between the tones and shades of color as well as the hues (the color itself). This ensures that the color combination is consistent and cohesive.


Style implies choice by culture, orientation, preference, and personality. Hence, the selection of artwork should reflect the style of the homeowner. Sculptures are specially chosen by style and based on the likes and personality the homeowner intends to portray. This choice is influenced by intuition.


Artwork is creative and usually rare. It is strongly recommended that you buy an attractive piece of artwork fast. This is because there is a high probability that an artwork piece that perfectly befits your home is also loved by many other people who are willing to buy it as soon as possible.

Buying from an Emerging Artist

Artwork increases in value with time. Buying the works of an upcoming talented artist can be a very profitable investment like real estate. Besides the possibility that the talent will become legendary and famous in the future and increase the worth of the artwork, you also get the chance to own a great masterpiece at very affordable pricing.

Choosing the Right Artwork for Various Areas of Your Home

Choosing the appropriate artwork for the specific rooms in your home demands some discrete attention. Sculptures, paintings, or photographs that are well suited for the living room may not be the right choice of art decoration for the kitchen or bathroom.

Living Room

Most times, this is the most active part of the home. It is also the part that is most open to visitors. The most attractive artwork in a house ought to be in the living room. Various artworks such as sculpture, paint on canvas, or prints can be used to decorate and enhance the aesthetic effects of a living room.


As one of the busiest parts of the home, the kitchen ought to be embellished with works of art. Medium-sized and small artworks are suitable for spaces above the cabinet to complement the kitchen. Larger sizes would overwhelm the kitchen space.


The theme of artwork to be placed in the bedroom ought to depict relaxation with soothing colors and tones. The artwork can be placed on the wall opposite the bed or the wall directly behind and above the bed. In the case of a photograph, desaturated pictures are excellent choices.

Study and Library

Some homes have libraries and study rooms built in them and require artwork that would inspire qualities such as research, intellect, and the noble desire for learning. It is recommended that the artworks used in a library are placed to make them easy to rotate to avoid boredom. Famous paintings or quotes from successful people and other positive images are appropriate for a library or study room.


This is often neglected in decoration with art. Serenity and calmness are themes to watch out for in choosing artwork for a bathroom.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind these relevant tips, choose the artwork you like, and let your intuition guide you. Also, getting to know the artist will help you connect more with the art piece, which helps to decide whether it suits your home or not. Lastly, work with a budget and stick to it as art pieces comes in a range of prices.

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