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If there's one thing that characterizes the man-cave or poker room, it's that we want to make this a fun room, full of unique personality.

Here we're going to do a round-up of what we think are some of our best pieces of artwork to add to the man-cave or poker room. Whether you're shopping for a friend or family member—or decorating your own space—these pieces of artwork would make excellent choices.

1) "Dapper Velociraptor"

"Dapper Velociraptor," canvas wall art featuring a classy dinosaur wearing a tuxedo and holding a wine glass.

"Dapper Velociraptor" continues to be one of our most popular art pieces on the website. While it will look good in any room you put it in, this piece is especially great for the man-cave or poker room. Typically people in those rooms are going to be laughing, having fun, joking around, and perhaps doing a bit of drinking—so this is one piece of artwork that just jives very well with the personality and atmosphere that one tries to create in those rooms.

It's a great "attention-grabber." Invite a guest over and try to have them not comment on this piece. Arguably one of the most universally-loved pieces in our entire collection, this one is a classic—and it would make a great addition to any man-cave or poker room.

 2) "Noblesnake: Classy Cobra"

"Noblesnake: Classy Cobra," canvas wall art featuring a white snake wearing a suit, top hat & monocle, holding a martini glass.

This piece has a very similar vibe to "Dapper Velociraptor." Featuring a white cobra snake in a suit and a top hat, this classy animal prefers martinis over wine. Whether you're a beer-drinker, bourbon-drinker or martini-aficionado, Noblesnake, the classy cobra, wants to join you for a drink.

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that these first two would look great paired together, and that's why we have them bundled together on their respective product pages, offered as a matching set. Anyone who likes one will almost certainly love the other—and again, given that the poker room or man-cave will generally feature drinking, joking around, and other forms of low-grade debauchery, "Noblesnake: Classy Cobra" is another no-brainer for these rooms.

3) "Dogs Playing Poker"

"Dogs Playing Poker", canvas wall art hanging in room.

OBVIOUSLY we had to include this one. Especially for the poker room, "Dogs Playing Poker" is almost mandatory. A classic art piece by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, this is another one of those head-turners that will always get a laugh or two.

It's worth noting that as this is a faithful reproduction of the original, authentic artwork, it has an old-fashioned, slightly worn look to it. This isn't poor quality on our part, it's simply an accurate reproduction of the original artwork. If you're looking for something very crisp and flawless, this may not be the best choice. But if you want something that's fun and full of personality—and you don't mind it having a few blemishes—this would make a solid addition to your man-cave or poker room. 

 4) "Silverback Gorilla"

Canvas wall art in room, featuring a cartoon silverback gorilla smoking a cigar while smiling.

If you're in the poker room especially, there's likely to be some cigar smoking going on. Just look at the dogs in our last piece of artwork!

This is another fun piece that says: "Hey, kick back a little!" It's got a slightly bad-ass feel to it, as well—making it a good choice for the tough guy wanting to add something fun, yet slightly rugged to his man-cave or poker room.

5) "Giant Doomsday Robot"

Canvas wall art in room, featuring a gigantic, towering robot destroying a city by shooting lasers out of his eyes. Has a retro, 1950s feel to it.

"Giant Doomsday Robot" has a retro, 1950s feel to it. This one is a great choice for any science fiction fan, or anyone who loves movies featuring killer robots or giant monsters (e.g., Pacific Rim or Godzilla.) Especially if you plan to do any movie-watching in your man-cave or poker-room, this artwork piece would make a great addition.

 6) "Mad Scientist"

Canvas wall art in room, featuring a mad scientist in an evil laboratory victoriously lifting up a beaker full of chemicals.

Guys love the mad scientist character. (In fact, all of Hollywood appears to love him! Same with the giant killer robot, as well, while we're at it.)

Whether you plan on performing evil experiments in your man-cave, or you just plan on relaxing in there, rest assured that "The Mad Scientist" will keep you company.

7) "T-Rex: Apex Predator"

Canvas wall art in room, featuring a huge T-rex dinosaur eating a cheeseburger.

If there are two things men love, they are dinosaurs, and cheeseburgers. This artwork blends the two in a winning combination. Be warned, however: If you plan to bring any food into your man-cave or poker room, T-rex has an appetite—so you're going to have to share.

Upgrade Your Man-Cave Or Poker Room With Some Next-Level Artwork!

Hopefully we gave you some good ideas here on what to decorate your poker room or man-cave with. If you're still looking for more artwork, check out the rest of our selection and see what you can find!

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